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Christmas Party at Lohninger

Posted on 14.12.2016

We like it best to spend the valuable time leading up to Christmas with family and friends. A Christmas party with coworkers can have a special appeal, too, for example in our private dining room. Behind the high double doors made from ornamental glass, groups can be completely private and still feel like in our restaurant’s living room. Up to 24 people comfortably sit in the salon, if there are more guests, up to 35 can find space with the doors open.

We offer three to four set menus to choose from, depending on tastes and budget. A classic is our goose with all the trimmings. We only serve geese from Oldenburg, a real luxury and a very exclusive product. In the Oldenburg region the geese are free to roam and lead a good life, they receive low-energy feed and eat lots of grass. This way, they do not become too fat and have extremely tender meat. We ourselves also celebrate Christmas within the Lohninger team: before taking the holidays off to gain energy for the new year, we sit down and have a meal together without any rush or stress.


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