Mario Lohninger There are two constants in my life: family and indulgence. To me, that is the definition of happiness.

Our philosophy

Restaurant Lohninger – Home and World You always hear that opening a restaurant of one’s own means the fulfilment of a dream. As corny as it may sound, that is exactly what happened when we opened Restaurant Lohninger in the spring of 2010 right by the Main river in Frankfurt. Having already worked together for a long time, we, the Lohninger family and our team, founded the Lohninger GmbH and developed our very own restaurant concept. We love to show locals and guests from all over the world the many facets of Austrian cuisine, combined with Mediterranean, Asian and American elements. Located on the ground floor of a tasteful old building with high, individually adorned ceilings, a timeless color concept in grey and purple, custom-made wooden furniture and an open-plan dining area, Restaurant Lohninger unites rustic influences with urban Art Nouveau. In the immediate vicinity of the Museumsufer – museum bank – we unite various cultures in the form of different cooking styles. We invite you to experience Austria’s authentic character, conviviality, merriment and coziness in combination with contemporary, light elements. A wholly relaxed and informal atmosphere is especially important to us. Be it for a quick breather during lunch break or a multi-course dinner in the evening, we are here for you seven days a week.

Here at Lohninger, we have been working together as a close-knit team for many years. The core members are the Lohninger family themselves, and some of our employees have been with us for a long time. The interaction of kinship, professional team work, trust and friendship makes us a modern family business. We are here for you: Mario Lohninger – Patron and head chef Erika Lohninger – Wine selection and the restaurant’s soul Paul Lohninger – Head of Heurigen and expert for Austrian cuisine Sabine Mischke – Strong shoulder and background organization Kate Lohninger – The next generation Dirk Schommer – Executive chef and creative force Stefanie Pfeiffer – Head of service and long-standing companion Patrick Einert-Primavera – Deputy head of service

Mario Lohninger – From His Grandfather’s Bakery Into the World of Stars People looking for constants in my life will soon realize that my family and my passion for cooking have always played the most important roles, and have always been interwoven. As a small boy from the Alps I was allowed to help in my grandfather’s bakery and my parents’ restaurant in Leogang near Zell am See, which coined my career aspirations early on. After my apprenticeship it was curiosity that pulled me out into the world. I learned what I am still furthering today in international top restaurants, and different mentors have accompanied me along the way: Rudi and Karl Obauer, Hans Haas, Wolfgang Puck or Guy Savoy. I am thankful that I got the chance to know so many great cooking styles, cultures and people. Even as a Junger Wilder (young wild) my head was full of recipes from my homeland and the world. Wolfgang Puck gave me the chance to prove myself as his sous-chef in his restaurant in Palo Alto and to head a kitchen by myself. He was the first to bring Asian influences into upscale US gastronomy. Working side by side with a Japanese chef, I discovered my love for Asian cuisine. 1999 I met David Bouley, one of New York’s most innovative chefs. He was planning a restaurant that was to be inspired by the noble yet relaxed Viennese way of life. The concept fit to me perfectly. I went on to become executive chef in restaurant Danube, and New York was my guest. An inspiring time which took me to be guest chef for the Thai royal court and to one of Japan’s most renowned cooking schools. 2003 my friend Sven Väth and I made the plan to open a club with two restaurants in Frankfurt. In silk and micro I was able to express my style of cooking freely, and I also got to bring my family to Frankfurt, whom I had missed dearly during my wandering years. Together with my parents Erika and Paul I worked up to my first Michelin star and made a name for myself in the German top gastronomy. My personal highlight came in 2010 with the opening of my own restaurant. Ever since I have worked closely with my parents, my partner Sabine and a close-knit team. Here, we live the vision of a modern family business.

Our biggest honor is daily feedback from content guests. We are happy about every thank you, joyful smile, curious recipe inquiry and pleasurable silence. With time many regular guests have become dear friends, our biggest accolade. Thank you! Distinguished Awards Mario Lohninger 2002 — Chef of the Year, New York Magazin 2005 — Discovery of the Year, Gault & Millau 2005 — Invitation from Lufthansa to create First and Business Class menus 2005 — Best Gastronomy Concept, BUNTE magazine 2006 — Michelin star for top culinary performance at restaurant silk 2007 — Chef of the Month January, Feinschmecker magazine 2007 — Guest chef at restaurant Ikarus at Hangar-7, Salzburg airport 2010 — Golden Cloche, Galanacht der Gastronomie (Gastronomy gala night) 2011 — Chef of the Year, Gault & Millau Current ratings Restaurant Lohninger „[…] Every plate has its inherent magic. What is surprising about Restaurant Lohninger is the family business’s cozy atmosphere. Mario and father Paul have been a perfectly attuned team for many years, mother Erika heads the service with energetic charm.“ Gault & Millau 2016 17 Points Gault & Millau FFF+ in Feinschmecker magazine 7 Pans in Gusto guide

We are deeply in touch with our Austrian roots, yet do not limit our cooking style. Tradition does not mean standstill, but rather the motivation to keep old basic recipes alive and develop new creations from them. Were our great-grandparents to live today, with the technical opportunities, the plethora of ingredients, the knowledge and experiences from travelling the world, they would surely cook in just as diverse a way and would try to get the very best out of the produce on hand. We love the classics of our native country. When interpreted in a contemporary way, they become lighter and more modern without losing any of their strength. Somebody with reservations towards gluten-free recipes has yet to try our Kaiserschmarrn, and we invite anyone who believes that the dish has to be heavy to be convinced of the opposite. For guidance we have separated our menu into “Die Heimat” (Home) and “Die Welt” (World). We leave it to you to decide whether you want to create your own meal from Austrian classics and international dishes or follow our monthly set menu recommendation. The set menu stands apart from the regular menu. Our inspiration for the six courses are seasonal market products, new aroma combinations and fresh interpretations. A set menu that radiates movement and energy, which is why you, too, should be flexible and free: depending on your tastes and preferences, you can swap the individual courses for classics from the regular menu or order any single dish from the six courses.

Some recipes, like our gluten-free Kaiserschmarrn, we keep a secret, but others we are very happy to share with you. Let yourself be inspired at home by recipes, stories and pictures from Mario’s first own cookbook. It has many exciting background stories from his time at Cocoon Club, top restaurants around the world and of course our beloved home Austria. From the traditional Viennese schnitzel with potato salad to Japanese sushi variations, the book showcases many facets of Mario’s creative career and explains each recipe simply and step by step. Please ask for a copy at the restaurant or order online here.

Gift vouchers

What makes a restaurant visit special? Food that cannot be prepared at home? A relaxed atmosphere? A taste that makes guests want to come back? The feeling of being welcome? Probably it is a combination of all of the above. Give away relaxation, taste, experiences and memories with a gift voucher. Order per email or let us help you over the phone. We are happy to welcome your family, friends or business partners as our guests.

Private Dining

Closed doors and completely private – our private dining room in the back of the restaurant offers the perfect setting for family celebrations, weddings or anniversaries and quiet business meetings for up to 32 people. We invite you to create your own set menu and are happy to help with the selection of food and corresponding wines.


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