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Mario‘s Miso Salmon

Posted on 16.12.2016

„When I successfully worked under David Bouley at Danube, 2001 brought the opportunity to fly to Osaka for a cooking demo. We worked really hard there and cooked 30 new dishes in five days. I got a bit stuck on Japan and became acquainted with their culinary world, participated in different workshops and let myself be inspired by the food. Back in New York my colleague Laurent Tourondel served me a completely burned black cod with miso glaze and I asked myself what in the world that was. It was love at first bite, though. In Frankfurt, at silk and micro, I wanted to connect both experiences and was searching for an alternative for this dish. Because even if it is hard to believe: black cod in top quality was very hard to come by ten years ago. I took an instant liking to the salmon. I use Scottish salmon which has been distinguished with the Label Rouge, something only very few products achieve. The fish grow up in the cold Scottish fjords and are monitored closely, they are aromatic, fat and just have a very good quality. Of course I switched the original black cod preparation up a bit, in my dish oranges play an important role. That stems from my time in California where juicy and aromatic oranges were available all year round. The fish is grilled in its marinade under the salamander, and an orange ginger jus, shiso cress and fresh ginger give it a beautiful lightness. The miso salmon is just a classic on our menu.”


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