Marios Journal

Seventh Anniversary: Our Pastrami Sandwich

Posted on 22.03.2017

„Since I have lived in New York for seven years, people often ask me which dishes are must-try there. I always say: pastrami at Katz’s Deli or 2nd Avenue Deli. During my time in New York I had Katz’s specialty at least once a week. It was clear to me that the dish needed to be on Lohninger’s menu, and with that we were ahead of our time at the grand opening in 2010. For me, the special kick is to make a seemingly easy dish really good. We adhere to tradition without losing our own touch. Instead of the original beef brisket we use the more high-end Schulterscherzel (shoulder) and salt it mildly. The most difficult part was the bread. Together with my father Paul, a baker’s son, I mulled it over and over until we came up with an aromatic linseed and buckwheat “Vinschgerl” loaf, one of our many gluten-free components. We serve the pastrami sandwich with fresh sweetheart cabbage slaw, pickled cucumbers and mustard aioli. You can eat it any time of day or year, a really good pastrami sandwich is always welcome.”

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